Renewable Energy Society (RES) initially started as a university project where a group of five people were working on business plan and project plan for a renewable energy company. All of the five students were undertaking post graduate study in either electrical or electronics engineering at RMIT University in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. At the end of the project the team leader Dr Mark Glickman decided to turn the project into a business.

During the project the following two problems were identified:

1. Only 10 % of electricity generated in Australia comes from renewable energy sources.

2. Coal will be eventually running out thus not allowing coal power stations to generate any more power. Australia could be left in the dark.

Something had to be done about hose two problems.

Renewable Energy Society (RES) was registered by Dr Mark Glickman on 23 July 2012 with Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) to increase the percentage of power generated from renewable sources in Australia. Some members were family members of Dr Mark Glickman while others were friends and family in Australia and overseas. Renewable Energy Society became an Australian registered body on 3 August 2012. This would allow Renewable Energy Society to trade nationally in Australia.

This website went online in September 2012.

Out of original five founding directors that worked on the university project, four were international students from China. All except Dr Mark Glickman. The project was submitted in May 2012. Some of those international students completed their degree in June 2012 while others completed their degree in November 2012. All of the international students returned to China after completing their degrees and the society now has close family members of Dr Mark Glickman as directors.