Renewable Energy in Australia

During the windy season, the wind energy helps to keep the electricity price lower. The development of wind energy is expanding rapidly. Current major wind power project in Australia is Macarthur Wind Farm in Victoria that will generate 420 MW of power: The 140 generator units will be built near the shore. More wind farms are under construction and expansion. AGL proposed 6 wind farms with total power of 1275MW in three states, Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia. South Australia has richest wind sources available for power generation. Percentage of wind power production is increasing steady in all of Australia capital cities.

Current major solar power project in Australia is the Mildura Solar Power Concentrator in Victoria that will generate 270 GWh per year:

There is significant potential for solar energy in northern parts of Australia. Various types of solar arrays have been installed for small country town over the last ten years.

Australian power demand for is 240 TWh per year. This figure does not include the amount of energy consumed by vehicles. Power consumption will rise due to increase in population and more extensive use of technology: 

Australia government encourages households and organisation to install solar systems by providing financial support. Programs available include:

- solar hot water program for households,

- National Solar Schools.