August 2017

"Renewable energy is the best solution for humans to create an ideal world for the future generations.", Thimpika from Melbourne, Victoria.

September 2016

"The transition from old fuels to sustainable energy sources that is affordable to build and use is going to exponentiate over the next 25 years, it is an exciting time.", Sam from Bendigo, Victoria.

August 2016

"To make the world Green again!", Nishad from Brisbane, Queensland.

"Renewable energy is important as it is non-polluting in its use and generation. As the name suggests, renewable energy would not run out and Australia has no shortage of wave, solar or wind energy as we have a large coastline and ambient sun. I am also studying biological sciences and plan on doing an honours in conservation, so seeking to volunteer with renewable energy society could be a good way of gaining experience in the field and understanding the structure of the industry.", Minbo from Deakin University, Melbourne, Victoria.

March 2016

"Energy resources are limited. We need renewable energy for our future generation.", Vichitra Vichy from Ardeer, Victoria.

January 2016

"Over time the importance of renewable energy, has escalated to great extents. This is due to multiple factors that relate to, what’s best for the environment and our society as a whole. Our need for energy will only increase as the years go by, and in result our society will very much require new and innovative methods, in relation to renewable energy. The most common issue with non-renewable energy is our reliance to the resources that provide it, such as oil, gas and coal. In order to reap energy at a common and sufficient basis, we must use said resources, which unfortunately harm the environment. We, as residents of this planet, should ask ourselves this. Are our everyday conveniences, worth the destruction of our environment? We can very much discuss how non-renewable energy creates jobs, and yes we can also counter discuss on how large scale corporations, benefit from non-renewable energy and their refusal to utilise renewable energy is entirely based on profit. But the main issue that needs to be pinpointed in every regard, is how to best utilise renewable energy, and how its usage is superior to non-renewable energy in terms of economic and environmental factors.", Nathan from Melbourne, Victoria.

September 2015

"Technological developments for more efficient extraction of renewable energy is significant in ensuring a sustainable world where the future generation get to live a life like the present generation.", Navas Shareef from Geelong, Victoria.

August 2015

"One reason why renewable energy generation is important is that it ensures the longevity of future systems, infrastructure and economies, by giving them a foundation of sustainable energy sources, instead of relying on carbon based fuels. It will bring about a range of new technologies and change the current models of ‘development’ and progress. Prioritising this now will also ensure a smoother transition to the coming era where oil reserves will run out or become void. This will mitigate conflict surrounding the last areas of oil and reduce the political power of nations that are primary oil exporters, as renewable energy generation will generally ensure most countries are energy self-sufficient (renewable energy being harder to transport and trade).", Julia from East Brisbane, Queensland.

"The most important aim for the world right now is how to reduce carbon footprint and conserve what is left (until now). The only answer is renewable energy. Surely it is an alternative to ending fossil fuel, but that is not the reason for using renewable energies. The main aim should be minimizing carbon footprint.", Vedang from Melbourne, Victoria.

July 2015

"I believe that renewable energy will reshape the power matrix worldwide. Our society needs every day more and more sources to create conditions for living, and the traditional sources will not be able to fulfill this necessity.", Irapua Santos from Brisbane, Queensland.

"It is the way to a sustainable future", Stefan from Melbourne, Victoria.

May 2015

"Climate change is the biggest environmental, social and economic issue of current times and the transition to renewable energy holds great potential in curbing greenhouse gas emission from energy production.", Maree Amanda from Manly West, Queensland.

"It is & always has been an exiting subject. It is now getting the capital & exposure it has deserved in helping to save this planet for future generations. And Australia, despite "financial starvation" has been at the forefront of R&D.", "To enable this old Planet Earth to survive the damage that's been done to it using fossil fuels for so long!", Deane from Happy Valley, South Australia.

October 2014

"Our modern, global civilisation relies on rapidly diminishing, non-renewable energy sources. We are increasingly aware of the negative externalities that exploiting these resources has on the natural environment and their detrimental effects to humans in nearly every aspect of our lives. Transitioning to renewable energy sources challenges established notions of economic development, human welfare and our place in the world. I believe it’s essential that we, as individuals and as a society, foster the new paradigm about our relationship with the environment through scientific inquiry and collaborative efforts. Equilibrium with the natural environment must be our future and moving towards 100% renewable energy generation is a vital factor to achieving this outcome.", Nilsen from Brisbane, Queensland.

July 2013

"I am studying my third year as a chemical engineer at the University of Queensland. I have always wanted to apply the skills that I have learnt to the renewable energy sector. In high school I undertook a project on renewable energy and wrote a 5000 word report on research I did on the industry. I would really appreciate the chance to help in this sector in any position but would especially like to give presentations about the subject or help in the office or administration sections.", Tom from Brisbane, Queensland.

October 2012

"Recently, the global warming is one of the biggest problems in the world. The fossil fuel gives serious effects on the global warming, but it’s hard to get rid of fossil fuel from the source of energy. I want to reduce the amount of fossil fuel and use more renewable energy in the world.", Mari from Melbourne, Victoria.

September 2012

"Best of luck with it! Great initiative!", Alison from Precision Group of Companies, Melbourne, Victoria.

August 2012

"We need people like you.", Samantha, National Bank of Australia (NAB) from Melbourne, Victoria.